Donating to the Parish during COVID-19

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Many parishioners are asking Fr Aidan about donating and what they can/should do about their weekly and monthly envelopes. Our suggestion to you is to do one of a few things:

Using the donate button on our home page, you can use your bank debit or credit card to donate straight to us. Alternatively, you can continue to put your contributions into your envelopes and either put them through the door as you pass the parish house, or save them all until we are opened again and we can receive them all in the weekly plate. Lastly, you can simply donate one larger amount to us when we are all back to normal.

Unfortunately, direct debit/standing order isn’t possible at this time as staff cannot liaise with you with the proper forms and the detail you need as our staff are furlough workers until 31st May 2020.

Thank you all for continuing to support the parish financially and spiritually with your uplifting messages. Stay home and stay safe. God Bless you all.